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Little Kingshill Village Society


The village society was founded in 1962 with just 30 members and has grown from small beginnings. By 1972, ten years on, membership had increased to 153 households and has since risen steadily to around 450 in 2017.



Our Vision


Quality of village life lies at the heart of our vision for Little Kingshill. We want every member of our community to be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the village, its rural setting and rich heritage and benefit from superior local amenities and infrastructure: public spaces, buildings, footpaths, highways and the surrounding countryside.


By providing a channel for the voice of the community and bringing the village together at events, we aim to foster a tangible sense of community spirit, belonging and pride.

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Our Mission


The Society will concern itself with any matter that threatens to erode the quality of village life. To this end, we will make representation to appropriate bodies and ensure that those villagers affected are informed. Current campaigns include opposition to the impact on the landscape and environment imposed by the construction of HS2 and proposals to remove large areas of the village from Green Belt. At every opportunity, we will strive to protect and encourage improvements to local facilities.


We will collaborate with other local interest groups and organise social events to raise funds in support of chosen causes. By monitoring and reporting potential hazards and incidents of crime, through co-operation with the Neighbourhood Watch network and our local Neighbourhood Police Team, we aim to create an environment in which villagers feel safe and protected from harm.

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Little Kingshill Village Society Constitution


After 50 years the Village Society has now a formal constitution, adopted at the 2018 AGM.
This was considered appropriate as it is normal for our type of society to have a constitution and it allows us to access potential funds or grants, not available to local government organisations. To download a copy, click on: LKVS Constitution


Little Kingshill Village Society Privacy Policy


The General Data Protection Regulations require that organisations that hold individual's personal information meet certain criteria for its care.
As we hold our members' names, postal addresses and (in most cases) email addresses on our data base, we considered it appropriate to have a Privacy Policy which spells out how we take care of this information.
In particular, we only use this information to contact members about matters relevant to the village and would never share it with others. To download a copy, click on:   LKVS Privacy Policy


Little Kingshill Village Society Handbook


The Village Society did produce a handbook annually. The contained village news, useful information and details of local contacts and servicesand was distributed by volunteers to residents who have registered their interest in receiving a copy.

Production of the handbook is now suspended and it is intended that the information included in the handbook will be posted on this website instead.

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Committee Members 2019/2020


Since 2020 the committee has been unable to meet and is now dormant awaiting new blood to revive the Society

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